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renewal squared

Reducing the amount of clothing and textiles ending up in landfills.
We will leave the world a better place than we inherited it.
What do we do?

Welcome to Renewal Squared, your dedicated partner in revolutionizing clothing reuse and recycling practices. We collaborate with municipalities, retail businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations to implement community-driven clothing collection initiatives. Our mission is to tackle the fashion industry's alarming impact on the environment, as it accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and ranks as the second-largest industrial consumer of water.

Join us in our quest to minimize the staggering 85% of clothing and textiles that unnecessarily clutter our landfills. Together, we can make a substantial difference in curbing clothing waste and nurturing a circular economy mindset within our communities. Let's reshape the future of fashion – one garment at a time.

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Reduce Waste Cost

Municipalities can save 4-8% on their waste collection costs by diverting some of the 85% of the clothing and textiles then end up in landfills.


Residents are increasingly looking for property city representatives who are committed to sustainability and reduced environmental impact. Recycling bins clearly signal meaningful commitment.

No Upfront or Ongoing Cost

There is no cost to implement the community-based program and it requires no ongoing use of municipal resources. 



Drive Retail Traffic

Clean, convenient, well maintained textile recycling bins proven to drive incremental retail traffic.
King County showed 35 unique visitors to multi-tenant retail locations.


Customers are looking for companies committed to sustainability and reduced environmental impact. Recycling bins clearly signal meaningful commitment

Positive Economics

Studies demonstrate that shoppers increase spending on retail by 17% immediately after donating. They are in the replacement mindset.

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