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School Partnerships

Read about our formal partnership with EcoSchools Canada here...

No Cost and No Financial Risk

Renewal Squared covers ALL the costs of placing the bins, maintenance, preparing education materials, and collecting the clothing/textiles.

And importantly, no commitment, if the clothing and textile bin isn't working for your school, we'll take it away anytime.

Low/no effort fundraiser

Fundraising without the risk or hassle of “selling” a good or service to friends and family.

Many families often get frustrated with participating in school fundraising programs by selling products to colleagues or other family members or, in many cases, purchasing goods on their own.


The clothing and textile recycling bin fundraising, on the other hand, allows families to clean out closets while providing much-needed funds to the schools.


By integrating sustainability education, students are prepared to address current and future environmental challenges and contribute towards building a sustainable future for all.

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